5:15 AM-Zumba/Heather
9:00 AM-PiYo/Leslie
4:15 PM- Step/Tami
5:15 PM-Zumba/Marcella
6:15 PM-Total Fitness/Marissa
Yoga Room:
7:00pm Yoga/Courtney

9:00 AM- Ab Lab (30 min.)/ Natalie
Yoga Room: 
6:00 AM- Adaptive Yoga/Courtney

Yoga Room:
9:00 AM-Power Yoga/Cindy

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9:00 AM- Barre Fusion/Sabrina
4:15 PM- Spin/Tami
5:15 PM- Pound/Heather
Yoga Room:
6:00 AM Adaptive Yoga/Courtney
5:15 PM Mobility Flow/Bonnie

5:15 AM-Zumba/Heather
9:00 AM-Sculpt/Rhonda
4:15 PM-Happy Hour Cardio/Tami
5:15 PM-Zumba/Marcella
Yoga Room:
5:30 AM-Yoga/Cindy
7:00 PM- Yoga/Courtney

5:15 AM- Pound/Heather
9:00 AM- Zumba/Natalie
5:15 PM- Weight Training/Tami
6:15PM- Kick Boxing/Tami
Yoga Room:
6:00 AM Adaptive Yoga/Courtney
All classes are included in membership. We also offer our classes for $5.00 for non-members. Come on in and check out a class today!

**For classes like Spin and Step: Members will get equipment/seats first and then IF we have extra available we will allow $5.00 non-members.

**Summer Classes...Please call or go onto our facebook page to see an updated class schedule.